Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Story of a Home-Made Ice Cube for a Milo

Assalamualaikum and good morning.

There was a night, which I craved for a good iced Milo to quench my thirst to stay up all night long, waiting for the football match of Liverpool, I guess. So, I looked up in the refrigerator and there was no ice cubes left, so I took a special container in the refrigerator to make an ice cube. I can't make it as ice cubes because there are no partitions in the container to make small and numerous ice cubes. I can only make a huge one and smash it up to small pieces when I want to use it in my drink. So I poured some water in the container and let it became an ice cube in the refrigerator's uppermost compartment. I had already drinking cold drinks at the evening, but I still want the Milo.

Few hours later, I thought the ice cube was ready, so I boiled some water. I took a big mug, put some sweetened condensed milk (susu pekat manis in Malay language) and few spoons of Milo in it. After awhile, I put the new-boiled hot water into the mug and I stir it. Hmmm...The Milo sure tastes good as I take a sip of it. >.<

I was so desperate to drink the iced Milo, so I took the ice cube that I have made, and I look at it with a full of hope that this is the last step of making the iced Milo, and after this I can drink it until the last drop! I took a mortar and smacked the ice cube and it was only then I realised that, only the outer part of it has been frozen, but not inside. The inside of the ice cube remains a cold water, and unfortunately I can use a small amount of ice in my Milo... :(

I thought that few hours of waiting would make the water to freeze and become ice cube, but I was wrong. It took more time than I expected. The same thing goes for our life. We may expect with an effort in such a short while, we can achieve what we have dreamed before. Some things need time. Fruits need time to become ripe, body fats need time and consistency in exercise so that they can be burned out of our body. When we fall asleep, we do need a lot of time before we can wake up in a refreshing moment. People also need some time to mend their broken heart, so that they can realise all the events happened in our life are based on the God's will. We do need time to change ourselves to become more mature everyday in order to face the coming days in our life. Every effort in life must be consistent so that we can achieve a good result, and it may take some time but you must keep it going on and on.

No matter how delicious my Milo became at the first place, the ice cube sure disappoints me a lot because it was not fully frozen yet. So I can only use it a little bit. I choose a big mug to satisfy myself, put a good portion of sweet condensed milk and Milo, but I failed to make it cold due to the incomplete ice cube.
Yeah, we may put a good effort, but in the end, it is He who determined whether the effort is worth enough to get a good ending or not. If you may have a bad result of your effort, you can always try again and if you succeed, don't get too cocky. Don't ever think that when you achieve success, God loves you. And don't ever think that when you have failed, God hates you. It can be that the success is a test given to you, to identify your attitude, whether you will go overboard or not. If it is a failure, it is a test given to you, to identify your determination, whether you keep on trying and change yourself or not. :)

As I smacked the ice cube, I can't see whether the inner part has become frozen completely or not. Some people may look nice on the outside but not in the inside, and vice versa. We always judge people on the outside and make a full comprehensive analysis out of them. I don't say that we can't judge by the outside at all, the physical appearance can be seen, and it can actually reflect his or her attitude. Maybe for the first sight, it is okay to make an overall assumption about the person, but you have to make a progression by become closer to that person. If you don't do that, throw away the assumption and if you heard from your friends about bad things that the person had done, you can't judge him/her recklessly. You can't judge people from other people's judgement. So, not all people who are good looking on the outside (handsome, beautiful, religious-looking, smart) are good in the inside. And not all the people who are not good looking on the outside (ugly, dark complexion, chubby, looks messy, don't look so religious) are not good in the inside. Who knows there are certain things deep inside them that we have not discovered yet~

Now, those are my views about what happened between me and the ice cube. Alhamdulillah it reminds me a lot about life. Wise man says, "Even if there is a mosquito bites you, if you are alert and conscious, you can notice about the lesson that God wants to provide."
May the simple story bring meaningful lessons to me and you guys. Insya-Allah... ^_^

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