Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Life After The Foundation

Assalamualaikum and good morning~

Hmmm...Right now it's 4.50 a.m and I just start blogging...haha!!! See, I turned to be a nocturnal person after the foundation. I slept until afternoon (I don't need to care about classes to catch on), and started sleeping at dawn. Maybe yeah, I am an owl-to-be.....=D

I'm certainly not studying anything at night....

Few days after I arrived at Kulim, I thought to look myself for a vacancy as a replacement teacher at any schools in Kulim. So, first things first, I had to cut my hair...Yes, CUT MY LOVELY STRAIGHT LONG HAIR down to the earth..T_T... I really jealous of my old friend. He has a long hair because he is working, not studying like me. I had to sacrifice it for the sake of getting the position, but unluckily, I forgot that my SPM slip along together my friend from UiTM Puncak Alam, Wanud. Actually the slip is in a folder, which I brought to UiTM Puncak Alam and I carelessly drop it there, in his room...=P...So I asked him to post the slip to my hose, and I got the slip back!!! thank God!!!

 From a so called 'Korean' hair~

                                                                                            To a Shin Chan-ned hair?...=P

So, yesterday I just completed the documents for the application as a replacement teacher, this is because of the misplaced SPM slip ...=.="...I also asked for jobs as a backup if I didn't get the job as a teacher. I asked for a position in a factory, as a store person, but I think when the interview checked my SPM result, I think she would not accept me, because she noticed my result is average, and I will further my studies rather than hooking up with the factory all along my life. So now I'm back at my father's Bakso stall, to help him in making drinks to the customer. But lately, the business had become worse. The customers were not as many as they were, back in 2010. The stall is too quiet compared to couple of years ago.

I wanna be a millionaire so freakin' bad~

One more thing to be considered is my financial status. I just wanna start to save some money but I was burdened by a lot of debts. My motorcycle, Honda Ex5 had to be repaired a month ago and it cost RM500. I had to use the money that supposed to be use to pay my college fees, RM200. Then I borrowed RM350 from my mom, and I had to take back my PlayStation 2 from a shop. Last month I brought my PS2 to get serviced since it can't read DVD games like it used to. Well, my PS2 is almost 7 years old. It needs to be serviced so it can be used like before and I was charged RM130. So, the total debt is around RM 680. And I am unemployed yet...If I only work for my father, I will only get RM10-RM15 per day, 6 p.m-11 p.m. And I also must put aside some cash for the fuel and cigarettes. And after a brief calculation, I estimate I can only save RM50 per week. That means RM200 per month. I need to get a job that starts at the morning and ends at the afternoon/evening so I still can help my father out.

But despite of all my financial constrain, I really appreciate the value of friendship that I experienced even after the foundation. I met with some old friends,guys and girls from MRSM Langkawi. There are now studying in UniKL (Boss and Bod), UiTM Pulau Pinang (Kapten, Ayam, Arau, Conan). Not to forget some other friends in Pulau Pinang Matriculation College/Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang (KMPP). We had a good travel via motorcycle (convoy), drinking and eating together, and not to forget smoking together by sharing a packet of cigarette. We will gonna miss those moments we had together.

Here are some pictures for our mini reunion:

 From the left Aizat Akmal (Kapten/Helmet), Firdaus Ridzwan (Boss), Me and Hafiz (Ayam)

 Kapten is somehow laugh at Boss...haha

 Boss is looking forward about his future...I miss my hair..='(

 This is, the coolest pic...hehe

 Almost the same as the above~

 Stupid jokes were still delivered even on an escalator and Ayam cannot help himself from stop laughing...=D

Only now I noticed that we were all dressed in black...=.="

Can't wait to face the days that awaits me in the future~ and I hope I can get a job, so that I can have lots of money. Okay, it's already 6.30 a.m and time to sleep folks~

P.S - I really miss my old hair....

Monday, March 21, 2011

So Long My Friend and Adversary~

Assalamualaikum and good morning

Finally I managed to end my second semester for Foundation in TESL, UiTM Shah Alam. The exams were quite hard, I can't deny, but somehow I was feeling happy during the exams. We had to face 6 papers during the finals. Starting from Listening and Speaking, Literature, Writing, Reading, Grammar, and Islamic Studies. Literature and Grammar sure kill us all. Hahaha.

After finished my last paper, Islamic Studies, I rushed myself to clear my stuffs in my hostel, go to my brother's house in Subang Jaya and took all my stuffs. That night, I went to UiTM Puncak Alam to stay for a night day, wth my friend, Ikhwanuddin (Wanud) because the next Saturday morning I got a test, Malaysian University Selection Inventory (MUnSYi) which is a personality test for those who wish to pursuit their degree in USM, Pulau Pinang. I just take it as my backup plan if I don't get TESL degree in the future. I really hope I can get TESL for my degree no matter it will be in UiTM or IIUM.

After the test, at the night of 19th March of 2011, we had a pre-graduation dinner for the Foundation in TESL students in UiTM Hotel. Well, we bid farewell to each other. Students and lecturers. Eventually there are students that will go to other courses or other universities. All four foundation programs in UiTM which are Science, Engineering, TESL, and Law doesn't require the students to stay in UiTM for degree. We have the freedom to go outside and explore new things. But thanks to UiTM for selecting us, to be in this program from May last year until March this year.

Here are some footages of me for the dinner:

 Me with Faiz 'Martin' and Asmira

 The hot red is Nisreen Afifah and at my left side is Ainaa who is one of the Committee Members

 Nadiah Lasuan who are the winner...the most valuable pad in the world~
(I should win the prize if I had sit on that chair...sigh~...just consider myself that I'm not lucky enough)

Acap cannot stop himself from holding the prize..haha...with Ameen with his 'sudden fierce' face

 The song which I played, is from The Strokes - Someday

Idzham and I like to tease Farahafizah along the dinner...xP

The mini Meranti hurdle that will always be remembered

Thanks for a such nice dinner guys, but frankly, I really prefer buffet rather than served foods. Not to forget, that the girls look gorgeous and the guys look hot that night. I really wish the night will never end...But who am I to stop the time as it still running out? I see and heard lots of cry. All I can do is trying to hug you guys (males) as I will never see you ever again next time and say hello or hi for those girls that I had never talk with. I will remember you guys forever, and sorry for all my wrongdoings and mistakes. The biggest sorry of all, would be sorry for myself, for my daftness, not to appreciate every second that I had gone through as the TESL student. I love you guys and I really wish we can meet again. 

Nisreen and Farahafizah, don't you guys ever cry in front of me again or I will also burst in tears..hua~...that's why you see I became hyper-active that night so that I can forget the sadness. I stomp onto lots of balloons just to wanna have fun, sorry for the loud 'bangs' that I have created. All I can say I love you guys !!! Special thanks to Thoriq, Izzul and Faiz Khuzairi who are willingly to play a song with me. You guys are the best~
For the lecturers, sorry if I don't fill the attendance slip and sleep in your class...Ha !!! I also played PSP in your class whenever I feel bored....sorry~I really feel proud that night with The Strokes look alike dress !!!
Thanks for you guys !!!
I'm proud to be a TESLian
I love all of you guys

So long my friend and adversary
I'll wait for you
(The Strokes - Under Cover Of Darkness)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Think Positive !!!

Assalamualaikum and good evening~

The final examination for my course, Foundation in TESL, University Technology MARA (UiTM) was already started. The first paper was yesterday. To my surprise, I felt happy yesterday and start to think positive in life. I try to smile all day long as my heart longs to live the day, happily.

Luckily I didn't catch a fever yesterday...haha

Thanks to the Japanese drama, Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO). Actually I watched the anime when I was about 15, and because of the cool personality of Onizuka, I dreamed to be a teacher one day. As I was in school, for about 10 years, 1999-2004 for primary school and 2005-2009 for secondary school, I realized that some of the teachers don't really understand the students. I still remembered what my mathematic teacher had said, he's a male; "treat me as a friend but respect me as a teacher". I promised to myself if I got the chance to be a teacher, I will understand the students better and be friends with them. Because I believe, the notorious students have their own problems and reason why they do such things. Because I used to be a naughty student too. xD

This is Eikichi Onizuka starred by Sorimachi Takashi 

This is the real Eikichi Onizuka in manga and anime
(I don't think it's a problem if a smoker becomes a teacher...xP)

I also addicted to the new song of my favorite band, which is The Strokes, from their 4th new album, Angles: Under Cover Of Darkness. As I listen to the song for many times, the more addicted I am to their music. Of course, their music arrangement is superb and I put them as my favorite band of all time. Their album will be released in 22nd of March. And my Foundation of TESL will be on 19th of March. I already bought a bundle blazer which costs me RM20 (not including repairing the buttons, RM3), The Strokes t-shirt RM33, Converse old school canvas shoes RM135, and alter my black jeans. And I'm ready to look like The Strokes !!! My idol in music !!!

Well, gotta be prepared for the next 5 papers, goodbye folks~

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thanks For Your Arrogant...=)

Assalamualaikum and good night

I'm hating the fact that I'm losing my friends at the end of my foundation. I always believe that once you are my friend, regardless how bad you are, or how kind you are. No matter how they treat me (well there are some of my friends did treat me badly), I am still their friend.

Well, I know that our relationship doesn't work. But can't we just turn back to the times when we were just friends? I miss the old days, sitting in front of you and have a long chat. We used to go out together with the other friends. Can't you just forget about all in the past and move on with life? I just wanna be your friend.

Maybe it's all my fault to start feeling something which I considered as stupid towards you. But still it was all out of my control and you started to feel annoyed. But maybe it was also because sometimes I misinterpret with your  'signs'...I thought those were the 'signs' that you felt the same way too.

But instead when you know my real feeling towards you, you began to evade me as I am not your friend anymore. Come on, if at least you can't accept me at that particular time, we just can be friends but it is your arrogant that kills me deeply me inside.

Or you just hooked with new boy, or a boy who you knew before me. It's okay, I can accept it, but my mood is unpredictable. When the time I need you the most, to chat by only using IM, you started to ignore me and continue with your arrogant. I felt stranded alone here.

Now the same thing is repeating. Yet, the history is keep repeating itself, while I'm not aware of it. I just wanna be her friend but instead she did the same thing that you did to me. Yeah, I just knew that she's also still hooked up with her crush and let no openings for me to be her friend. Thank you.

Well, luckily I'm not a person who will crush other people's heart after my heart was badly crushed. I simply don't want other people to feel the same feeling like me, if I didn't treat them well. Although I knew some of them felt some funny feelings toward me, I still be there as a friend and I do like to be their friend..

I'll guess I hafta stay away from girls that may attract me so that I won't have any weird feelings.
Anyway, for the friends who are being ignorant to me....Thanks for the arrogant side of you.
You did teach me about the bitterness of life.

P.S - To all my friends, sometimes I did feel tired of making 'the first move' in our friendship...I'll wait for you, and lets see whether you are gonna start it or not okayyy?