Friday, June 24, 2011

The Preparations To Become a Good Father

Assalamualaikum and good evening~

This entry is dedicated for the Father's Day. Well, I'm not telling you guys more about my 'fathers' for now, but deep inside, I am still appreciating them. In this entry, I will share to you guys about some preparations that I must do before I am entitled as a father, one day, Insya-Allah.

1. Prayer (Salat)

Since the prayer is the basic thing in Islam, I must do it all, five times a day. But, unfortunately I performed  the prayer a bit late than I should and it is not good, indeed. It's like I'm putting other things first rather than my responsibilities towards Allah by performing my prayer according to the time. I must remind myself, that my life would end anytime right now, by any forms of death that may invites me in a sudden, so I need to perform my prayer first before continuing my life. Allah gives us 24 hours a day, why we cannot let our heart, having a submission towards Allah? Each prayer may took around 10 minutes. We as Muslims, need to pray at least five times a day, which means a total of 50 minutes out of 1440 minutes (24 hours x 60 minutes) must be spend to maintain a good slave-creator relationship. We always believe when we eat we will feel relieved from any hunger, we always believe that when we can have a safe journey if we drive carefully. BUT WE ARE WRONG. It is Allah who gives the the fills our empty stomach. Some people eat in small amount but they are already full, some people have to eat a lot to fill their stomach. IT IS THE POWER OF ALLAH. The same goes when people driving the car in such a careful manner, if they didn't hit the other cars, the other cars can hit them with the power of Allah.

"His Command, when He intends anything, is only that He says to it, "Be' then (and there) it is - (Kun Fayakun)" - Verse 82.

Besides than performing prayer early, performing the prayer in congregation is far more better as we will get 27x more rewards than praying alone at home.

2. Give up in smoke

Well, this is hard I think...I already tried to give up in smoke for few times, but sadly, I failed. When I was in school, I was not too addicted with cigarettes, until I finished my high school and I went for the foundation, I accidentally become addicted. Last time, in Malaysia the price for Winston Light 20's is RM7.80 but the price was raised up to RM8.50. I spent one pack for a week. I put myself a limit to smoke, 4 cigarettes per day, so  one pack can lasts around 5 days. For Saturdays and Sundays, I usually went to my brother's house, so I always kept asking him for cigarettes. After finishing the foundation, I went to Langkawi Island and bought a carton of cigarette, Winston Filter which costs me RM47. The price was dirt cheap. One packet is only around RM4.70. So when I work, I smoke for every hour and when it comes to 28th of May, the day that I want to stop smoking, I can feel a pain at my chest because I stopped tremendously. I took my sister-in-law's advice to stop smoking slowly, and not in such a hurry. Now I only smoke around 3-5 cigarettes per day, with the help of my supervisor. He's the one who supports me with the cigarettes.

In order to become a good father is to stop smoking. Why? Simply because I don't my children to get any disease because of me. And I don't them to follow my bad habits. That's all. I don't want to waste my money and my precious life because of cigarettes too. But if I managed to give up in smoking, I give myself a limit to smoke only with my old friends who are really hard. Because, although you guys may not be a smoker, but you guys must understand how people like me.

We smoke when we:
- Feel tensed
- Bored
- After eating
- Feel cold
- In toilet (you get what I mean)
- Hangout with friends

And I smoke ONLY when meet my old friends if I managed to give up on smoking. That means maybe I smoked only a cigarette for a month. Who knows?

3. Save some money for the future

Now my money is still stuck RM9k in the bank...I wish I can add RM2k more before 2012.
If I can discipline myself to save up to RM5k for each two semesters in degree (one year), after my degree, I will have around RM30k. RM5k x 4 years plus RM9k, hopefully I can reach around RM30k or more...
When I save my money in banks such as Bank Rakyat, Bank Persatuan and ASB, the dividend will be from 7%-15%, depends on the bank.
This will help me to kick-start my life as a teacher, insya-Allah....=)

If I get the chance to continue my studies in UiTM, I will try to apply for the MARA education loan, which will help me a lot rather than PTPTN loan which costs me a lot.
The difference between MARA education loan and PTPTN :

- Passed the required CGPA, loans will turned into scholarship
- Have to pay back according to the CGPA. If you didn't reach the required CGPA, you will have to pay according to their system. e.g. pay 5% out of the total amount when you get more than 3.5, pay 10% if you get 3 and above, pay 15% if you get 2.5 and above, etc

- Passed the reauired CGPA, loans will turned into scholarship
-If you didn't meet the required CGPA, you'll have to pay all the amount that you loaned plus some interests

*Please correct me if I'm wrong about these okay?
But both of the loans will ask you to pay monthly, and not to pay all the money you borrowed at once.

Money cannot give us, the humans the happiness that we need, but they may contribute us to search for the happiness and tranquility. But do remember, money is not everything. I need money to raise my children, buying diapers, food, and many more. Although I need money for all these, it is love and attention that matters. Poor people may live happily rather than rich people because they were provided with enough love and attention from their family. Am I right? =)

4. Cursing other people

Cursing is also my bad habit, and yes, it is hard to resist. The first reason why I'm cursing people is I cannot control my anger towards other people. Next, when I cannot control myself, vulgar words that I've been used before slipped through my mouth. The words are very offensive. Sometimes the words not only offended the target persons, but also their mothers and fathers. And sorry, it is out of my control if I'm cursing people to that extend. But cursing also used for jokes, when you hangout with your friends, cursing each other seems to be a tradition.

This cursing habit is not good to be shown to my children. It'll shows my disability to control my patience, my immaturity, and accidentally I set a bad example of vulgar words to them too. So in order for me to achieve my dream, a good father, I must control myself from cursing starting from now.

I think that's all for now, I know there's a lot of defect in me. But these four thing really can inflict my role as a good father, to raise my children properly so that they can become good people.

P.S - Suddenly I felt that I want to get married earlier than I thought before. >.<
Wanna be a good father as soon as possible, but unfortunately I don't have any candidate to be my future my wife for now.
Sorry for the post before,
about W, in the She Who Has The Magic And Cursed Me With Her Charm...
She didn't like me from the very beginning, and I already turned a new leaf.
For now, I'm proud to be an eligible bachelor.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Escaped From a Crocodile's Bite, But Accidentally Entered Tiger's Mouth

Assalamualaikum and good evening

First of all, I must keep reminding myself, I must accept the written fate of my life.

“Allah does not burden a soul with more than it can bear.”(Quran 2: 286)

"Do men think that they will be left alone on saying 'We believe', and that they will not be tested? We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true 
from those who are false."(Quran 29:2-3)

Okay, I think with these verses, words of Allah, taken from the holy al-Quran will help me to calm down and relax.

I already have a new job. Perda, Pulau Pinang is the place where me and my friend, Badri Shaharudin went for an interview with a company. We found the job in a local newspaper and quickly called the person in the advertisement. When we arrived, we were interviewed by the clerk, a young beautiful woman who soothed our heart at that moment. We choose the position that we want, 'CUSTOMER SERVICE' as we want to evade any works that require us to get sales. Although the salary is rm500 per month, we can get extra income for every water filter that we service. Yes, it is a water treatment/filter company. Plus, the work is only within office hours, that is, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We went for training for few days, knowing the product itself and the history of the company. We came early to the office and we cannot stop ourselves from becoming too excited to start the job. On 6th of June we came to the office like usual but there was no one there. Then we got a call from our boss. We were asked to go for an outstation for a week, only. Allowance will be provided, she said. So, we head back to Kulim, to pack our belongings, and wait for them to fetch us. We waited at home from the afternoon until night for them. At 10 p.m., they came. On our journey to Slim River we had a chat, all five of us. Badri, another boy who is the same age with us, a male supervisor, and his wife. Surprisingly, our job is not 'customer service' but DIRECT SELLING AGENT instead.

So here we are, trapped with Tanjung Malim, not Slim River. WITH NO ALLOWANCE !!!
Only advance money are available. With the basic of RM500...If I keep asking for advance, how much my salary will be later on?I have to pay for hotel about RM11 per day, and this outstation last for around 11 days, which means RM110, and I eat average of RM10 per day. The best part is, in my account there's RM3 left, as I already withdraw RM90 from it.I only got one sale for now, selling one unit of water filter and I get RM20 only
RM20 !!!
this coming Friday, 24th of June 2011 I'll go back to Kulim and on 20th of June I'll have to go for an outstation again until 30th of June, where advance money is on the line.

Let me show some calculation:

RM500 (basic) + RM20 (commission) = RM520
Hotel for this out station (10 days) = RM110
Advance (not sure) = RM50
Next outsation = RM110 + RM 110 (hotel and food for 10 days)

RM520 - RM110 - RM50 - RM220 = RM140

SERIOUSLY I NEED MORE SALES....if I quit I won't get any money...
I DON'T LIKE this selling thingy AT ALL
I need to pay RM600 for my PS3 and RM600 for my mom
And I don't know if I have the money
My wifi bill also need to be payed this month


I really wish this nightmare will end soon...I can't wait to go to July, where I'll quit this freaking job.
Wonder if I can go to the Labour Department Peninsular Malaysia to complaint about my case...

I don't like to knock people's door to promote this water filter although this product has the quality to win my heart...I had to bring the filter all along the apartment, quarters, low cost house, under the raging sun blaze. THIS SUCKS A LOT !!!

You're the best boss I ever known !!! Okay, I'm lying...

I want to cry but it's too late to do that..I have to face it anyway..T_T
I miss my parents, family, friends
home, guitar, my pillow, motorcycle


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Assalamualaikum and good morning

This entry would be a little informative rather than previous entries I think. And it is better for me to share with you guys before my stared to lose the information that you guys may need. I hope that you guys already know what MEdSI stands for. If not, here we go:

M  : Malaysian
Ed : Education
S   : Selection
I    : Inventory

So, it is a selection process for students from Matriculation College, STPM students, Foundation leavers and Diploma holders to enter degree in education, whether it is TESL (Teaching English as Secondary Language) like me, mathematics, science, sport, language and many more.

The first task would be the written test. It is a test to evaluate the attitude of the future teachers, and to select some candidates to the next stage, which is the interview. When you check through the official web page of Malaysian Ministry Of Higher Education (MOHE), and you are selected for the interview, that means you passed the written test and you must get ready for the interview. There are also few things you need to check to face the interview:

1. Hairstyle
2. Dressing code
3. General knowledge regarding Malaysian education, current and few big things in the past
4. Few big names in MOHE, Ministry of Education (MOE) and the government itself
5. Teaching demonstration (you'll need to study)
6. Documents that are related to the interview

Okay now, let's go straight to the main I will try to memorize back my conversation with the interviewers.

Me : Zulfahmi Mohamed
Interviewer 1 : Malay man
Interviewer 2 : Chinese man
Interviewer 3 : Malay woman

Me  : (Knocked the door)...Assalamualaikum and good morning...(give my file, full of certificates to the interviewers)

IV 3 : We'll have to test your eyes first to detect your colour blindness

Me  : ...(Gave the answers)

IV 2 : You may sit

Me  : Thank you

IV 1 : Now Zulfahmi, can you please introduce yourself

Me  : My name is Zulfahmi...

IV 1 : Can you speak louder?

Me  : My name is Zulfahmi Bin Mohamed. I was born in Bukit Mertajam 'at' (damn, I was so nervous at that time) 22nd of July 1992. Before this I lived in Serdang, Selangor and then I moved to Kulim, Kedah.

IV 1 : How about your co-curriculum or your contribution for your schools as a student?

Me  : I represented my school for rugby competition in Northern Zone. I also participated in Silat, which is in sparring competition. I also became a commander in the scout troop in national Jamboree. Last but not least, I also act in a drama team.

IV 1 : Can you please tell me, why do you like to be a teacher?

Me : I would like to be a teacher because I believe that I can understand the students better. I don't want to punish them, but I want to understand them and hear their problems...I want the students to believe that English is not as hard as they think.

IV 2 : You know that the government send new teachers in Sabah and Sarawak. Would you like to go there if they ask you to do so?

Me  : Since the government announced that teachers who were sent to Sabah and Sarawak will get allowance, so I think I will go there.

IV 2 : Lets say that they will not give any allowance. Would you still going there?

Me  : (Laughed and smiled).....I'm still going there because it is my duty.

IV 1 : Would you like to demonstrate your teaching method to us?

Me  : Sure! (started to use the marker pen and whiteboard)

IV 1 : Nowadays, many of the students cannot speak in English. Can you tell us why?

Me  : I believe that they're lack of self esteem in using English as daily conversation. Besides, they don't use English frequently and some of them even talk with their teachers in Bahasa Malaysia.

IV 1 : In order to increase the standard of English for students, what would you like to do? Since the students in rural areas cannot master English that well.

Me  : I will teach them English, not only in formal way, but informal too. Such as listening to music, watching films, and many more.

IV 1 : I think that's all, thank you.

Me  : (Took back the file from the third interviewer and shake hands with the male interviews)

Now this is the best part when I shook my hand with them....>.<

IV 1 : Zulfahmi, you're the best !
Me   : (Blushing)...thanks

I think that's all, and please pray for me so that I can get TESL for my degree. The result should be at the end of July. Can't wait....>.<
If I get TESL for my degree, that means I've passed the interview...=)

P.S : I'm not sure whether it is applicable only in my place for interview or not, but it seems like the 3rd interviewer only checked the file for certificates AND the written conversation is not the exact words and sentence structures that I used because I cannot remember well. But, the points are still there.

I still want to be a teacher, so what's your problem?