Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last Lecture's Week

Assalamualaikum and good evening

Today is Sunday. What's so special about today? I get a full enjoyment of my weekend, rather than last week. Last week sure is a hectic one because I have to perform my group's drama, 'Nyemah Mulya' and I played the role of 'Hang Tuah', the legendary Malacca's Silat martial artist. It is not an easy task as most of the scenes, I am the props man and I joined the stage later on in the last scene. Haha

Here are some pictures in my fighting scenes, which are totally not in order

Not to forget, last week I got the chance to represent my college, College Meranti in a inter-college basketball league. Alhamdulillah we won the 2nd place. We had to face the Non-Residents (NR) which form their own team, and yet they can join the inter-college competition although they lived outside the college. The problem is, many of the members of the NR teams are the representatives for lots of sports including basketball for my university, UiTM.
So it is damn hard to win the match

This week is the final week for us to be in the group. For all the laughters, joy, blood, sweat and tears will be ended within this very week. Later on we'll have the study leave for about a week and we'll start our final in no time. We'll have a long break from March to September. Only after that, we will proceed with the degree program What a long holiday for us to enjoy...=P
But now I have a mixed feelings. I do wanna end my foundation as soon as possible but I also afraid that I will the days with my friends.

They might change their course and university in September....sigh~

I also must start doing my revision but the assignments keeps my hands from holding those books, especially Grammar, which we considered as the Additional Mathematic in our course. Better start looking forward for the assignments

Gonna miss my days in Foundation In TESL UiTM Shah Alam

Monday, February 21, 2011

Saying Sorry

Assalamualaikum and good evening~

"Saying sorry?
Huh !!! I don't want to ask for his/her forgiveness!!!"

Some of us might say that. Out loud, or in our heart. Maybe the song is true all along. 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word' by Blue and Sir Elton John. We are hardly saying sorry to the others when we are hurting them, no matter physically or mentally. Maybe there are several reasons for us, why we are hardly saying sorry to the others all this time.

First of all, it is mainly because of our ego. Yes, our pride!
We cannot tolerate with the others. We cannot lower the ego by remembering the things that the people had done to us. Or perhaps, it is our mistake, but we didn't want to admit it, simply because we are ashame of the mistake.

Next, because we keep thinking about what people had done to us and NOT REMEMBERING WHAT WE DID TO THAT PARTICULAR PEOPLE. We keep talking about the pain we feel inside but still we are not thinking of the people, because it's simply we didn't in their shoes. We are being selfish.

The last one, we had difficult times to say sorry or we hardly find some space, time and suitable condition to say sorry. There are lots of ways to convey your apology. Basically people tend to face them directly. But if you still got problems with that, in this modern age, we can give them a call, message, e-mail or whatever things that can be used as long as the message would be received. But, letters should be a useful one as it really have high sentimental value to the people, whom you want to seek for an apology.

If anyone ask for your forgiveness, then you must forgive them.
Clear up your heart, mind and soul.
I believe you that you will hate the feeling of hating people in such a long time and it's killing you deep inside, seriously.

Apologize to people and forgive people for their mistakes. These two things are closely related. You don't want to wait until the person had died to forgive him don't you?
You don't want to die and regret all those stupid mistakes that you've done while all those wrongdoings can be mended by the word 'sorry' ?

HabluminAllah (relationship with Allah)
Habluminannas (relationship with humans)

Do think about it...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day

Assalamualaikum and good morning to fellow readers~

Every year, 14th February is a date will surely remembered by everyone. Well, of course it is a lie, if I don't remember the date because, every year, I keep thinking about myself, being alone without no girlfriend besides me. HAHAHA

Now what is Valentine's Day? It is a date, of course, especially for lovers. It is a date to show our love towards our special ones, or basically confess your feelings toward the one that you love.

The date of 14th February and the meaning of it, were implanted in our mind by the westerns.

Do ask ourselves, are we MUSLIM?

Many people would say,
"Come on, every people are celebrating the date, so why shouldn't you?"
"I love you darling, today I gonna show you my love. Lets go for a date?"

Well, the thing is, when you are with your girlfriend/boyfriend, at first of course you are just staring at your love one. Your eyes will eventually meet his/her eyes. You take a deep look into those eyes. You started to feel the warmth of the love. The next thing you know, both of you and his/her are holding tight, firmly. You started to get closer to the person. face to face
suddenly your lips touched her/his tender lips.


It is even worser when you are in a room/house where there are 'no other people in it'

But actually, there is...

"Whenever a man is alone with a woman the Devil makes a third." Hadith - Sahih Bukhari, Book 25, Number 5403, Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr

That is what happened when you are too obsessed with the idea of Valentine's Day, 14th February.You forget about Islam and your role as a Muslim.

Well, you can deny it by saying you would not go to that extend...But is your Iman is strong to protect you from all those sins???

Wait a second, what about those who are legally married?
Can they still celebrate the date of 14th February?

Please don't be a monkey,
As wise man says, 'Monkey see, monkey do', you must know few facts about the origins of the Valentine's Day:

- There was actually a priest, Valentine, who are actually active in spreading Christianity to the people in Rome. The king, Claudius II had captured him, and he was been tortured. Before the day of his sentence, which was on 14th February, he managed to gave a letter to one of the guard's daughter. At the end of the letter, it was written like this ; "From Your Valentine". Because of his deeds and love towards Christianity, the Christians decided to make 14th of February as a day to show love among men and women.

- Another fact is, the date of 14th February 1492 is the date of the loss of Spain Muslims to the Christian armies. There was one priest named Pedro St. Valentino called the day as Valentine's Day as a loving day, to celebrate their victory as they say Islam is bad and cruel towards humans.

If you are a Muslim, are you still gonna celebrate it?
think again


The best thing if you do love someone, no matter he/she loves you back or not, you can always try to perform you prayer by doing Solat, and you can ask for Allah's Mercy to strengthen the bond between you and your love one.

You can try this du'a:

If you don't have any financial constrain, and you do have the might, you can go to Jabal Rahmah in Mecca during Umrah. This is because the hill, Jabal Rahmah is the place where Prophet Adam met his wife back, Hawa after 100 years of separation. People say that you can get your soul mate here if you pray (du'a) to Allah S.W.T and Insya-Allah your du'a will answered by Him.

Basically there are three types of love
1. The love of The Creator (Allah S.W.T) towards His creations
2. The love of th creations towards their Creator
3. The love of the creations towards the other creations

Love is a feeling that can't be denied. But, it does has the limitation.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Reality and Fantasy

Assalamualaikum and good night~

I don't know why, but it seems know I'm addicted to game. Like my old days~
I used to be a game maniac before I entered MRSM, a boarding school. Now the problem is, it's like I am trapping myself into the game. I play the game too often. Whether I am inside my house, or outside, it doesn't matter since I was playing the game in my reliable, trustworthy PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Actually my life's sucks a lot. I'm a sore loser in love. So I tend to play games so that I can forget about those who have ripped out my heart. Eventually now I was trapped into the game. It is a game of RPG, fighting the creatures, but the characters is in high school. So, they have their student life and relationship. As I am proceeding the game, I was attracted by the idea of having relationships in games rather than having a real life relationship because in the real life, all things are truth and logic. AND TRUTH HURTS.....A LOT !!!

The game which is in my heart right now

The problem is, the game is like a drug to me...I played in during my lunch, in class (please do not try this), during functions, etc.
The girls in the game can be flirt as it will help you to built up your strength in this game. And I am really in love with two characters, Mitsuru and Yukari...=)
I am neglecting all my assignments and the surrounding as I keep on proceeding with the game.

Yukari-chan~ (she is in the same class with the character)

Mitsuru Senpai (1 year older compared to the character)

And know I was trying to search for a game, a dating sim game for PSP, in English. Basically it is a dating simulator game which allows you to talk with girls, chitchat and flirt them. Unfortunately there are games like that in PSP, but they are in Japanese

Love in this real life sucks. In games, the characters or the things that we control are the one that we wish to be. Let's say that we play Tekken (a fighting game). You will throw kicks and punches to your opponents as you want to hit them hard. It is you who want to release our tension by beating them up. It is from your own desire. When you are speeding and control your car in Need For Speed, it is your own desire to drive fast, but not in the real life, in the game world!


I keep asking myself...
If I finished playing Persona 3 Portable...
Does it mean I have to find my real love back?
The question keeps bugging me~