Thursday, January 27, 2011

People that we call as....FRIENDS

Assalamualakum and good night~

Yeah...referring to the title of the post, I'm gonna write something about friends. Why friends? We, as the human being possess the feelings to get accompanied by the others, or else we will feel lonely, useless, and no one will understand us better rather than friends. Yes, we do have God, for Him we shall craving and pray for all our hardships in life and family to help and support us. But still we do need friends. Peers who are willing to lend their ears for all our problems, shoulders for us to cry on.

I don't know whether this is applicable for all people or not. But the Malay adults always say :

"Do choose your friends wisely. If they are bad, you are gonna turn bad too...If you choose a kind person, than you can be kind as well"

Yes, it is true indeed...But then, have you ever think that if bad people are making friends among themselves and good people are making friends among themselves, the bad people will eventually turn out to be more worse than before and the good people will become better by themselves without thinking about the bad people.

See? Even animals do need friends..=)

Alhamdulillah (praise to God), although I am bad, still some of those who have strong religion hold, who have more ethic than me still accepting me as my friend. I don't mind if I have bad friends in my life. Eventually we will learn about each other. We will share knowledge, experience, stories, bad incidents that have occurred in our life. I am not positioning myself as a bad guy or a good guy. It's your choice to think whether I am good or not.

Friends, we do need them. They are the one who colour our life with laughters, tears, and support. Some friends may hurt our feelings, but hey; they are teaching us about LIFE~
they are the one that have been close to us after our family. Do love your friends, by appreciating them. Spend some time for them, spend some money to give presents for them and contribute your might if they need some help.

I am appreciating my friends no matter who they are. Once you are my friend, you are gonna be my friends forever~
No matter where I am, where I go, what I do, I still remember all of you...=)
Thanks for being my friends....


  1. Sebab tu aku kawan dengan hang walaupun hang jahat. hahahahah. Weyh, jangan tacing, melawak ja. aku pon jahat gak . :P

  2. hahaha
    thanx sebab sudi berkawan dengan kanak jahat macam aku
    terharu aku wat post nih

  3. awat yang dok kluaq gambaq pinguin ngan budak kecik laki-pompuan??? haha...

    nway, naseb bek aku x nangis bace post ni.

  4. sahabat karibku~
    nanti aku wat bg kowang nanges~

  5. owhhhkayyy
    nnti aku wat elok2 lg

  6. Makanya, hargailah sahabat2 anda dan, dan anda bley buktikannya dengan berhenti merokok. Semoga berjaya!

    p.s Comel la penguin tu. Rasa cam nak tampar laju2 je. Hehe.

  7. hahaha
    kalau lah saya boleh nerhenti dengan mudahnya~

  8. Terima kasih jadi kawan aku..
    Jangan rajin sangat halau nyamuk~

  9. Thank you for the beautiful images and the wonderful words.

  10. welcome
    the words come from my heart..=)