Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mysterious Heroes Are Always Cool

Assalamualaikum and good evening.

Yeah! Suddenly I got the guts to carry on my responsibilities to post new entries in this blog! >.<
Okay, stop playing around. =)

Kamen Rider or Masked Rider is one of my favorite masked heroes. Because they're mysterious in a way and it is cool!!!

The title says it all. Mysterious heroes are always cool. Seriously. Heroes are everywhere. They are all around you actually. It is you who don't discover them yet. Eventhough they can't fly, they can't lift heavy objects easily, that doesn't mean that they cannot be our heroes. Heroes are not just in comic books. People around you can be your heroes when you respect them more than other people.

The story starts when I went for for Taraweeh prayer, last week I guess. Taraweeh prayer is a special prayer for Muslims in Ramadan month. After we finished Isha' (night) prayer, we stop for a while, to hear for a talk from the committee members of the mosque. He talked a lot, but this one attracts me from sleeping while sitting, waiting for the Taraweeh prayer.

"There's a slave of Allah who comes infront, in the first row for almost every Taraweeh prayer. He's a good man, a man who have a strong heart and soul. Because he used to be a normal person, just like us. Starts his motorcycle with right leg and parked it with his left leg. But Allah tested him. He was given a disease (diabetes) an he had to cut off one of his legs. He's heart is strong, indeed, because I still seeing him coming everyday for Taraweeh prayer (front row), in Subuh (dawn) prayer, sometimes for Zuhr (afternoon) prayer and Asr (evening) prayer because maybe during that time, he was bit busy. He is still coming to Mosque although he had to face that kind of condition. Can you guys imagine if you become like him, with one leg and the other one is a prosthetic leg, would you guys come to Mosque like he did? He was born to strive in Islam's pathway, a pathway that pleased and blessed by Allah. I'll not mention his name as we must make his test as our reminder, not by idolizing him. May Allah bless all his strives all this while."

I was like...raised my head up when I heard about this. Suddenly I realized that this man is actually my friend's father and his younger brother is sitting at the back row. He already put prosthetic leg on and it costs him thousands of Malaysian Ringgit. But he used it well, to submit himself to Allah.

I asked myself. Me as a normal human being, always give reasons why I'm so lazy to go to the Mosque. While he already lost his leg, coming for Mosque, craving for deeds that are promised by Allah. It is my laziness inside that stunted my intention to go there. If I'm not lazy, with Allah's will, I will go there for every prayer. When it comes to cinemas, karaoke, and other places, there's no word such as 'lazy' popped out from my mind. This is bad. =(

Salaat in congregation will offers us 27x more rewards rather than usual. Besides, Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H in his life always encourage Muslims to pray in congregation, which can easily attained by going to the Mosque. Besides, I always believe that true Muslim men will come to the Mosque to perform their prayer. How I wish to become a true Muslim man one day...=)

I already put him as my role model in life. And the best part is, I know who he is...=P

So, in this blessed month, Ramadan, let us keep coming to the Mosque to perform prayers.
This is also a reminder to myself.

Don't be a slave for Ramadan by doing good deeds only for this time around,
but be a slave of Allah by doing good deeds in this Ramadan and for the rest of our life.


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